Multiple-choice questions look easy, until you start writing them. That’s when you discover that the only thing that is easy is how to get them wrong. It is easy to write questions that cannot be answered correctly. And it is also easy to write questions that cannot be answered incorrectly. Have you ever seen options that include both ‘All of these’ and ‘None of these’? How about: ‘At what age can you drive? 16, 18, 21, 30’? Is there really only one correct answer to that? Then consider questions where all the options are of similar length aside from one that is either much shorter or longer.

Some options are so contrived or silly that they are obviously not correct. And have you never heard of double negatives – Yes or No? For some topics maybe you should use questions with multiple-correct options, or would that be confusing? Constructing questions involves many similar issues.

There are few things more frustrating than knowing the answer to a question but being marked incorrect because it was so poorly formulated. Almost equally frustrating is being able to answer an entire test on pure guesswork because of clues inherent in the root or the options. Constructing multiple-choice questions involves a large skill set and also requires a great deal of knowledge and imagination. While you can take the time to hone these qualities yourself, it might be quite a while before you feel confident that you have the necessary expertise. If you do not have that time, we’re here to help.

By requesting a series of multiple-choice questions from our writing service, you are hiring the assistance of a highly skilled question constructor who has a strong track record of producing reliable questions, tests and exams.

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